Mailande Moran is an artist, entrepreneur, and self-described “creative weirdo.” Her career has been an exercise in understanding the intersections between art, business, and social change. She is the co-founder of Nakta Designs, a rug & interior goods company that works with women artisan communities in Kyrgyzstan. She’s also a creative consultant, offering writing, speaking, web design, and visual art services. In 2014, she co-created the first tablet classroom in a Kyrgyz village school; in 2015, she drew on the backs of all of her leftover grad school business cards and put them on Instagram (@mailande), which ended up changing her life. She also loves to sing. A lot. Mailande earned her A.B. and M.B.A. from Duke University in 2006 and 2013, respectively.


I want to create things that make the world more beautiful, and the people in it more free. Happy to have you along for the ride.