I've been drawing forever, but it weirdly took me until after business school to take it seriously. Since then, a step into daily practice (The Bizcard Project) brought about commissions, installations, and an artistic career that I'm very grateful for. I'm also a vocalist and voiceover artist; nothing makes me happier than using the most human of instruments. 


Bizcard Unicorn

The Bizcard Project

In 2015, I made a promise with my friend Saleem that we'd both start daily drawing projects. This off-the-cuff vow created The Bizcard Project, in which I drew on the backs of all of my leftover MBA business cards and put them on the internet (via #thebizcardproject on Instagram). No exaggeration: this changed my life. 

Brideside Commission

Brideside: Commission

Brideside's founder wanted a unique way to say "thanks" to her fellow execs. She gave me some beautiful quotes and basically let me draw or paint whatever I wanted on them. It was super fun. (Want something similar for yourself or another person you love? Check out my shop.)

Colin Commission

A Poem for Colin: Commission

My friend Colin asked me to illustrate "The Lanyard," a poem by Billy Collins, for her mother's Christmas present. I *love* lettering, and this was a blast. Plus, now I know how to draw lanyards. 

Duke Coasters

Duke University East Campus Coaster Project

I worked with Duke and local printshop Shed Letterpress to turn selected drawings from The Bizcard Project into color-able coasters for Duke's freshman class. (Wanna collab on something? Shoot me a note.) 

Mailande Draws on Things


After #thebizcardproject ended (when I ran out of cards), I needed a new weird art thing to do on Instagram. #MailandeDrawsOnThings, my current project, involves drawing on things that aren't supposed to be drawn on - from shoe insoles to toilet paper (at right). (Want me to draw on something for you? Give me a shout.) 

TEDxDurham Stage

Artist in Residence, TEDxDurham

For TEDx, I created several large sculptures out of recycled materials from Durham and used them to create a unique stage environment for our city's speakers. I then got to be one of them


Mailande and Laww


When I was younger, my mom could tell I'd had a good day if I came home singing. It's still a good litmus test. I sing with artists across many genres, and I also write my own music. You can hear a limited sampling here (working on the "limited" part). 



Nugget, a super-versatile thing-to-sit-on, needed a voice to help communicate their greatness. I was happy to oblige. (To see the video, head to their site and scroll down a bit.) Bonus: we also found that Nuggets make good makeshift recording booths.

Evolve Get Started

Evolve Movement

In addition to the co-designing the site and writing the copy, I had the pleasure of voicing Evolve Movement's gorgeous new videos. You can find them here and here