Like most humans, some of what I do is hard to classify. From the usual to the bizarre to the truly game-changing, I specialize in making wonderful things real.



I love love love getting rid of things that don't serve me, and I've had a blast helping other people do the same. If your closet, office, or house in general is driving you nuts, I can help you create the space you're dreaming of. Just shoot me a note


Chykalov Kids

After a trip to Kyrzystan to try and portray the heart and soul of Nakta Designs' artisans on film, I stayed in the country to teach - and ended up co-creating the first rural Kyrgyz tablet classroom. It was one of the best things I've ever done. Learn more here.


My friend Saleem (aka KidEthnic) is a video genius, and sometimes we make cool stuff together. 

American Sexual Health Association

Our first project: creating a video for health care providers about the HPV vaccine for a wonderful long-time client of mine. (We later made one about ED as well, using a bunch of office supplies. You can view it here.)

I played jangly piano and yelled a lot (listen for the errant "Yeah!") for this video. That's mostly it. But Saleem and his crew made it really cool, so you should watch it anyway. 


Again, my role here is pretty minimal, but this is the first time I ever got to pretend to be a CEO and write lots of meaningless business jargon.